The Munches Room was inspired by Munches House, the home of the Maxwells, Earls of Nithsdale, after the Jacobite defeat at Culloden. Munches House was a substantial Robert Adam style home. This room reflects the Adam style and connects the guests to the Jacobite history of Buittle Castle, the former home of the Maxwells. To commemorate the 850th Anniversary of Buittle, the current Baron of Buittle worked closely with renowned designer Charlotte Gaisford to choose the fittings and furnishings for this room to recreate the Adam splendor of Munches House, Munches House sadly burned down in the late 19th Century, and was replaced with a granite house, which bares the same name.

The Munches Room

Munches House - Reid, Alexander,

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Munches House by Alexander Reid, watercolour, 1797