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The Balliol Family Association

for descendants of the House of Balliol 


The Association for descendants of the House of Balliol (de Balliol, de Bailleul,  etc.) is headquartered here at Buittle Castle. It serves as a social organisation for family members, an historical research society, and point of contact for family research. An annual AGM and dinner is held in the Castle's Great Hall and is opened to members and their guests. Buittle Castle was once the seat of the Lords of Galloway, and, latterly, the seat of the Balliol Kings of Scots.

For more information, please contact the current Baron of Buittle, James de Balliol-Cavendish. Contact is preferred by post of telephone (+44 (0) 7487 296492). Email is also available.


In September, 2023, the current Baron met Robert Bels, at the Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna, This meeting marks a long awaited exchange between the Family Association, and the Ordo Balliolensis, which Robert heads up, which is largely a continental association which, for the most part, involves descendants of the Balliol family there. Robert's fantastic work on the ancient

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 15.55.25.png

Flemish origins of the family is encapsulated in his several hundred page book on the subject, much of the content of which was picked up by Prof. Roger Mason in his book Scotland and the Flemish People, which presents to a wide audience a much under-explored subject.

A copy of Robert Bels's book was presented to the current Baron of Buittle, and now resides in the Balliol Family Association collection at Buittle Castle.

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