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Buittle Castle, Scotland DG7 1PA

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Signature Weddings. Stylish Events.

Here at Buittle Castle, we regularly open to the public for historic tours, religious services, and printing demonstrations and courses, but some events require extra forethought and exclusivity to truly make them all they can be. Below are just some examples of events we host at the Castle. We would love to hear from you if you think that Buittle Castle is right for your event. Please contact us for more information.


An excellent venue for weddings of up to 200 guests, speak to us today to explore the options in having your wedding or reception at our historic castle, twice the capital of Scotland, and the seat of the Pious and happily married Lady Devorguilla of Galloway, whose devotion was so great that she carried her husband's heart all her life.

Events & Galas

​From corporate gatherings to concerts, Buittle Castle can provide a luxurious and well appointed setting. Our management team is ready to discuss any sort of event, from an afternoon's hire, to exclusive hire of the entire Castle and Grounds. 

Parties & Celebrations 

A stylish, historic, and impressive setting for all manner of celebrations, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding reception, or clan gathering, Buittle Castle provides an ideal setting to make any celebration unforgettable.