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The Baron's Court

James de Balliol-Cavendish, the Baron of Buittle

James de Balliol-Cavendish of Buittle

32nd Baron of Buittle

James has the honour and privilege of serving as the current Baron of Buittle. Of mixed British & Austrian/German heritage, James has spend significant parts of his life in the UK and the States. He has a passion for the Barony as a force for good in the local area, in terms of Heritage & Cultural projects, employment, and humanitarian activities.


James is involved with the management of the Buittle Castle, sevaral charitable initiatives, and has an active role in the Orthodox Church (Old Calendarist) in the British Isles, serving as the Bishop of Whithorn.


He read Theology and Classics at St. Andrews, and has a keen interest in Medieval and Early Modern History, Theology, cultural activities, heritage architecture and restoration, and attempting to keep an ageing Rover on the road.  

James serves on the governing bodies of several charities/ philanthropic initiatives, is a member of the Incorporated Trades of Kirkcudbright, The de Vere Society, and Scottish Delegate for the charity Vereins zur Förderung des Friedens (Association for the Furtherance of Peace), and Scottish Prior for the Order of St. Stanislas (

He has been honoured by the Governor of Kentucky, as a Kentucky Colonel, and by the Duke of Braganza with a Portuguese Dynastic Knighthood.

Tobias Adam Casimir Parker of Buittle

Baron Bailey

Tobias serves as the Baron Bailey of the court, essentially the Deputy to the Baron. He is co-owner of Buittle Castle and cousin of the current baron.

In addition to his regular employment in the hospitality management sector, he also takes an active management role in the businesses running at Buittle Castle.

Tobias attained a Master of Theology, and Master of Letters degree from St. Andrews University, and afterward worked in the Heritage Sector with the National Trust for Scotland.

Tobias is keenly interested in history, antiques, and cooking - particularly Indian cuisine.

Tobias Parker, Baron Bailey
Andrew Charalambous, Clerk of the Baron's Court

Andrew Lambrou Charalambous

Clerk of the Court

Andrew is a businessman and philanthropist based in London. his connection with the castle goes back several years and he has been involved in several of the castle and barony initiatives.

Andrew's philanthropic work is wide reaching and his charitable activities are evident on several continents. 

He is active in a number of organisations, and was formerly a special constable of the Honourable Artillery Company, making him an ideal choice to serve as Clerk.

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