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Baron of Buittle and Clerk Appointed Delegates of Austrian Charity

Appointment of James de Balliol-Cavendish of Buittle, Baron of Buittle, to Habsburg sponsored Werein zur Forderung des Friedens - L to R: Andrew Lambrou Charalambous, Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen Archduke of Austria, Herta Margareta Habsburg-Lotrhingen Archduchess of Austria, Patricia Palfi, Secretary of Austria Imperialis
The Baron of Buittle appointed to Austrian Charity by Habsburg President and VP of charity

At a Gala Charity Dinner on the 18th of November TIRH Herta Margerete and her husband Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke & Archduchess of Austria, respectively President and Vice-President of the Verein zur Forderung des Friedens (the Association for the Furtherance of Peace - also known as the Flame of Peace -, were pleased to appoint James de Balliol-Cavendish of Buittle, the Baron of Buittle, along with Andrew Charalambous, Clerk of the Baron's Court, as Scottish and English Delegates of the international charity based in Austria.

The charity aims to promote peace throughout the world, primarily through distribution of humanitarian aid in the world's most distressed areas. During the evening, held at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn, an historic accord of co-operation was also signed between the organisation and the Austrian Army.

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