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The Baron & Baron Bailey inducted into the Incorporated Trades of Kirkcudbright

At the October 2023 AGM of the Haill Six Incorporated Trades of Kirkcudbright, James de Balliol-Cavendish, the Baron of Buittle and Tobias Parker, the Baron Bailey, were elected and inducted to this ancient institution.

The Incorporated Trades of Kirkcudbright are roughly 600 years old and comprise six distinct trades or crafts incorporated into a collective body. Kirkcudbright's is the oldest such institution in Scotland. Original a powerful professional organisation, today the focus is on ceremonial and philanthropic functions.

James and Tobias look forward to being involved, and in lending their time and efforts in the Incoporation's aims to benefit the local area and Buittle Castle's historic county town of Kirkcudbright.

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